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Meet Our New Executive Director

Tina Horrigan Barry County Cares

Tina Horrigan

Started as Executive Director following the retirement of Rev. Steve Reid.  She brings a wide range of experience as well as great enthusiasm and a warm heart.  We're blessed to have her.

Meet The Volunteers

Barry County  Cares

Donna has volunteered at Barry County Cares for the past 14 years.  She's a wealth of knowledge.


Susan comes in two day per week and is always ready to help.

Barry County Cares

Fred assists with computer and technical issues.  He is also involved in outreach and tending to the website.

Barry County Cares

Renee comes in on Fridays after working a 40 hour week and helps organize the Personal Care/Household Items Pantry.

Barry County Cares
Jeff mans the phones on Thursdays before going into his second shift job.  He says it's a priveldge and a joy to be here.

Michele volunteers in the summer when she's off from work with the public schools.

We are tremendously grateful to all our volunteers for their dedication and care in assisting people in need.

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